Mexican Vanilla

Mexican Vanilla – Bulk Order

This is the PUREST Mexican Vanilla. This is dark vanilla, it is made dark by adding molasses. Only Fresh Vanilla Beans from the purest Vanilla Orchids are accepted, Cold Pressed Gluten Free vanillaContains Very Little Alcohol No High Fructose Corn Syrup. It also does not contain ANY foreign chemicals! It does not contain coumarin, most Mexican vanillas do. All you get is the purest, freshest and strongest vanilla flavor you have tasted! We used to buy our vanilla from Tijuana, this vanilla FAR surpasses anything we have gotten in the past.

WE HAVE TO MEET A MINIMUM ORDER. If as a group, the min order is not reached we will reimburse your payment.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS about this Mexican Vanilla

Please Email or Call with any questions or 435-632-7595